Home Inspections NYS License 16000006575 (typical single family) $400
This professional home inspector will be able to recognize a problem or potential problem in a house, based upon a visual inspection of the house. This can range from an obvious roofing problem, to a not so obvious electrical problem.

Radon Testing (ELAP Lab ID # 11853) $175
Radon, at higher than 4.0 pCi/l, is considered to be a health risk, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. All radon testing is performed according to EPA standards, using continuous electronic monitors, with test results available 48 hours after initial installation.

Septic Dye Testing $150
Septic Dye Testing will check for the first signs of a septic system problem, by checking for leaks in the system. Testing is performed to the standards of the Central New York chapter of ASHI.

Well Flow and Water Quality Testing
Offers accurate readings for well output and quality of water, performed to local standards.
Well Flow Testing $150
Water Quality Testing (call for quote)