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Why do I need a home inspection?

The purchase of a house is generally the most expensive, and important purchase most people will make. Mike Chapman of Closer Look Home Inspections has been performing home inspections for more than twenty years. A home inspection in the Syracuse, NY area, and around the country, can save potential home buyers from many hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in unknown costly repairs. Many home sellers often have a “pre-listing” home inspection performed so they are aware of what might be needed in order to facilitate a smoother transaction.

The home inspector is a highly skilled generalist with a good working knowledge of how a house is put together and how the house and its components interact with one another. He will offer an experienced professional, objective building evaluation and educate the client on the overall condition of the house, and advise the client about home maintenance.

In the Syracuse and Central New York area, home inspectors perform a visual check of the interior and exterior of the house, looking for major defects in the structure and major systems of the house. These major systems include, but are not limited to, the walls, roof, floors, ceilings, foundation, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, grading, and much more.

The home inspection concludes with a computer generated report on what is found, so that the client is assured of no unexpected surprises in the future. This is not a compliance code for past or present codes, of course, missing or defective safety items will be addressed.
All inspections are performed to the standards of the New York State Department of State, American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors.

Closer Look Home Inspections also performs Radon Testing (ELAP Lab ID # 11853), Septic Dye and Water Quality/Well Flow testing.
Michael Chapman is one of the most highly regarded home inspectors in the Syracuse, NY and Central New York area. Normally, Mike will spend about three to four hours evaluating the major components of a house. Mike also performs inspections on multi-family and commercial buildings.